Goodbye Mr. Glicksohn

Mr. Glicksohn – although you taught Math rather than English, my longest lasting memory of having you as a teacher in two Grade 13 classes is that you inspired me to research and write an essay about the differences between the Julian and Gregorian calendars as my explanation of why I missed school on the day of Ukrainian Christmas.

Perhaps I had additional motivation in hearing a rumor that there may be a prize awarded for the most creative note of absence, and perhaps I had additional motivation in the rumor that the prize would be a 40 ounce bottle containing a liquid that I was too young at the time too drink. I never did receive that bottle but it’s just as well for it would have been long ago emptied by now.

I was largely a slacker in my early high school years and it was in your classes, Relations & Functions and Algebra, that I learned what results I could attain when I truly applied myself. This was a lesson by which I transformed from a slacker in high school to a student who worked hard in university, and beyond.

Mr. Glicksohn – as a teacher you were cool, you were fun, you gave and commanded great respect.

Goodbye Mr. Glicksohn. Be sure to say hello to Douglas Adams and Georg Purbach in your new journey.

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